Masters Graduation Gowns - University Gowns by Graduation Gowns UK

Masters Graduation Gowns - University Gowns by Graduation Gowns UK

About Masters Graduation Gowns for University offered by Graduation Gowns UK

Master of Arts (MA) graduation gowns are of a clerical type, and are mostly the same throughout the entire English-speaking world, due to the influence of the UK’s higher education system.

Masters gowns are made of black material, though some universities dye the gowns in their own university colors. They have material gathered in the back of the gown into a “yoke.” The “curved” yoke is more traditional, but the “square” or “straight” yoke is more common in modern times.

The masters degree gown traditionally has had long sleeves that are sewn shut at the end. The arm, instead of exiting through the end of the sleeve, passes through a slit above the elbow.

In addition to these features, some gowns have “strings” that are actually grosgrain ribbons. These usually attach to the gown behind the lapel. In the past, they had a function and actually held the gown together. Today, however, they are used to indicate rank, or may simply be used for decoration in some cases.

A related type of gown worn in the UK is the “lay type gown.” This is similar to the MA gown, since it has long closed sleeves. However, it completely lacks a yoke – instead using a flap collar, with gathers underneath it. This makes it more sleek and provides less volume compared to a traditional gown. It’s often used as the dress by some officers and degreed individuals in particular areas of study, especially at Oxford and Durham.